3 de junho de 2012

Holy Trinity prayers!

Holy Trinity, I am humbled by the thought of your greatness! Your power overwhelms me. Your infinite goodness causes my heart to burst forth in songs of praise. 

 God, loving Father, you are always by me when I need you. You wait patiently when I stray. You never tire of forgiving when I contradict your Holy Will. You sustain me even when I am foolish enough to think that I do not need your help. 
 Holy, loving, merciful Father, I thank you for giving me your Son, Jesus, to be the Way, the Life, the Truth. 

 Lord Jesus, you are the bridge and the path to the Father. When I put my hand in yours, the journey is easy and sure. You chose to become man to take upon yourself my weaknesses. You died to wash away my sins. You arose to show me that my destiny is eternal life. 

 Lord, Holy Spirit, pour your love into my soul, so that I prefer your eternal designs to my own. Make me compassionate like the Father, self-sacrificing like Jesus, full of love like you. Help me when I falter. Lift me when I fall. Inspire me to do always what is expected of a disciple of Jesus. 

 Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God who alone are holy and good, I adore you. Do not permit me to worship the false idol of myself or the idols of transitory success and material riches. I thank you for the blessings you have bestowed on me in the past and I entrust myself and my dear ones entirely to your Divine Providence.


Holy Trinity Prayer I

Dear Holy Trinity, 
united in perfect love. 
You are three conceived in one being. 

O Holy Trinity 
come down upon me,
for I your poor miserable servant call upon you.

O Father,
you are mighty and have done great things for me. 
I am your servant use me as you wish.

O loving caring Jesus, 
you saved me from total damnation. 
How shall I repay thee? 

Love, peace, joy!
Dearest Holy Spirit, 
without you, I would be lost. 
You give me the strength I need.

Holy Trinity,
I submit Myself to you. 



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